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About us

The FERI Cognitive Finance Institute is the strategic research center of FERI in Bad Homburg. The FERI Institute's aim is to systematically gain knowledge in the field of economics, capital markets and financial systems. For this purpose, the FERI Institute uses a proprietary research approach ("FERI Cognitive Finance"), which is based on the networked analysis of six central cognitive spaces concentrating on the latest state of scientific and interdisciplinary research.

The FERI Cognitive Finance Institute

Since its founding in December 2016, more than 50 publications have been published, numerous events on global trends have been held, and high-profile expert panels and "science talks" on topics relevant to the future have been organized. During this time, however, many exciting conversations have also been held with outstanding people and thought leaders who are actively shaping the future and consciously breaking new ground. The feedback from these companions and network partners is very valuable to us and gives us important motivation; here is a small selection of “testimonials” that have reached us since the institute's founding.

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Our goal

It is the aim of the FERI Cognitive Finance Institute to overcome the explanatory deficits of current economic and financial market models and thus provide investors and asset holders a clear orientation on issues of strategic importance. The FERI Cognitive Finance Institute also performs an important educational and early warning function for the interested public.

Our self-conception

The FERI Cognitive Finance Institute sees itself as an independent intellectual force in the context of modern economic and capital market research. It strives to contribute decisively to a better explanation of economic processes and real capital markets by applying innovative methodological knowledge.

To this end, the FERI Institute challenges traditional assumptions and paradigms of prevailing macroeconomics and microeconomics and expands or replaces them with new perspectives of interdisciplinary research.

In this way, the FERI Cognitive Finance Institute makes a forward-looking contribution to the renewal of traditional economic and capital market theory, while at the same time providing investors and asset owners with exceptional information and decision-making tools.

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Our team

The FERI Cognitive Finance Institute has an experienced and dedicated steering team with an interdisciplinary academic background, many years of research practice and specific expertise.

The steering team oversees all ongoing activities, prioritizes topics and content, and coordinates projects and resources. By involving internal and external experts, even complex cross-sectional analyses are realized. The Steering Board is responsible for the management of the Institute.

Dr. Heinz-Werner Rapp


Head of Steering Board

FERI Cognitive Finance Institute

Julia Bahlmann

Founding Team

Project Manager

+49 (0) 6172 916-3631

FERI Cognitive Finance Institute

Iris Réthy-Jensen

Academic Assistant

Project Manager

+49 (0) 6172 916-3097

FERI Cognitive Finance Institute

FERI Cognitive Finance Institute

+49 (0) 6172 916-3631

Rathausplatz 8 - 10

D-61348 Bad Homburg

Our network

The FERI Cognitive Finance Institute has an open approach and an interdisciplinary understanding of research. Therefore, it maintains an active network with renowned universities, institutes and other research institutions. Experts from science and practice are also part of this network.

Intensive exchange and joint projects within the network enable a high quality of research and results. The role as an innovative player and opinion leader in a creative network is, in addition to an ongoing critical reflection of traditional views, characteristic for the approach of the FERI Cognitive Finance Institute.

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Our vision

By using and integrating technologically sophisticated analysis tools from the environment of cognitive computing the FERI Cognitive Finance Institute acts as a pioneer of forward-looking economic and capital market research. It offers its users unique know-how and valuable strategic information advantages.

The mission of the FERI Cognitive Finance Institute

The FERI Cognitive Finance Institute takes a clear position and provides investors and asset owners with focused decision-making bases and strategic guidelines. 

By developing and providing holistic future scenarios based on networked analyses and incorporating top-class expert knowledge, it offers a unique knowledge platform for this purpose. To implement this, the FERI Institute uses a variety of innovative methods, in particular the proprietary research approach "FERI Cognitive Finance".

The aim is to identify and anticipate relevant trends in the context of the six knowledge spaces at an early stage and to condense them into a meaningful "big picture". The focus is always on topics of great scope and systemic relevance.

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Mission statement (in German)

Our history

The FERI Cognitive Finance Institute is the strategic research center of the FERI Group based in Bad Homburg. As a think tank, it serves to systematically gain insights into the economy, capital markets and financial systems using the proprietary "FERI Cognitive Finance" research approach.

Since 2016, the FERI Cognitive Finance Institute has taken on the role of thought leader and central ideas lab in the FERI Group.

January: Publication of the first study in cooperation with WWF on the topic of carbon bubble and decarbonization.

May: Prof. Dr. Dr. Hans-Werner Sinn is a guest at FERI Institute and outlines his vision of the future of Europe.

June: Kick-off of the FERI Science Talk event series with renowned experts from business, politics and science.

The fifth publication is dedicated to decarbonization strategies for investors. The new shorter publication format, Cognitive Comment, covers topics such as populism and the new world order, as well as cryptocurrency, cybermoney, blockchain, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things.

February: The tenth study is published. The topic is: Impact Investing.

May: The 5th FERI Science Talk focuses on the global competition between the USA and China.

June: The study "Modern Monetary Theory" and "OMF" is published.

Launch of the new Cognitive Briefing publication series - with short analyses on topics such as resource consumption, global bifurcation and the digital euro.

May: The 10th issue of Cognitive Comments is dedicated to the geopolitically highly explosive Trouble Spot Taiwan.

December: The institute celebrates its 5th anniversary.

January: Publication of the 20th study on Hydrogen as an energy source of the future. It was written in cooperation with a partner of our network, Hochschule RheinMain and its Laboratory for Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology.

Deep structural breaks will shape geopolitics and the global economy well beyond 2022. This has been pointed out in several analyses by the FERI Institute focussing on the great power conflict between China and the USA and on Europe's dependence on raw materials in the field of strategic high-tech metals and rare earths.

January: The 15th Cognitive Comment on the subject of "Vertical Farming" is also a further analysis of future trends such as Alternative Food and the Sustainable Blue Economy, which the FERI Institute has been following intensively for a long time and has dealt with in previous studies.

FERI Cognitive Finance Institute

T +49 (0) 6172 916-3631

Rathausplatz 8 - 10
D-61348 Bad Homburg

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+49 (0) 6172 916-3631

D-61348 Bad Homburg
Rathausplatz 8 - 10

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