is a private non-commercial research initiative of FERI. Its aim is a steady acquisition of knowledge of the economy, capital markets and assets protection. With its activity it pursues clear goals and bases itself on the latest scientific and interdisciplinary research. In doing so, the FERI Cognitive Finance Institute employs a proprietary research method based on an interlinked analysis of six central areas of Knowledge:

The purpose is to identify new trends early, anticipate and form them into a comprehensive perspective of the world “Big Picture”.


Deeper insights. greater rewards.

The term “Cognitive Finance” describes a novel method developed by FERI to encompass knowledge of the economy and of capital markets.

The term is based on the cognitive teachings of classical philosophy and of the Enlightenment, but goes much further: It combines the latest findings in biology, neurology and psychology, and addresses the problem of limited human cognitive ability.


From Behavioural Finance to FERI Cognitive Finance

“FERI Cognitive Finance” is based on a fundamental critique of traditional principles, models and paradigms of contemporary economic and capital market research. To overcome apparent shortcomings in clarification, “FERI Cognitive Finance” follows new paths and makes recourse to the principles of the information society, behavioural finance, cognitive research and neurology. Furthermore, it combines the rudiments of the theory of evolution and of systems.


Thinking in terms of areas of knowledge

At the center of “FERI Cognitive Finance” lie all the longer-term trends and steady developments from which a comprehensive prospect of the future derives. For this purpose FERI Cognitive Finance employs a multidimensional analysis method that concentrates on 6 core areas (“areas of knowledge”).

FERI Cognitive Finance professes that an ongoing analysis and systematic linking of these six areas of knowledge leads to the formation of a comprehensive and representative view of the future (“Big Picture”). This “Big Picture” serves a better understanding of future trends in global economy, financial systems and capital markets.


A new world picture of interdependent systems

The methodology of “Cognitive Finance” is a procedure developed by the FERI Institute with which relevant developments and long-term trends can be analysed and formed into a uniform, linked and dynamic view of the future.

Areas of knowledge and the associated topic fields (“objects of knowledge”) are thereby interpreted as interdependent systems. Relevant topics and issues are interlinked, taking into account multiple effect relationships, thus permitting a “neuronal” logic of analysis.


Learning more, attaining more

On the basis of proprietary Cognitive Finance methodology, the FERI Institute currently examines overriding trends and significant global developments.

On the basis of a global “map of topics,”  six central “areas of knowledge”  are focused on and their multidimensional impact and relationship identified. Basically, the FERI Cognitive Finance Institute has a medium to long-term analysis horizon.

Its analyses and studies are a valuable source of knowledge and advice and provide a basis for decisions by entrepreneurs, investors and asset owners.

Who we are

Behind the FERI Cognitive Finance Institute is an experienced and dedicated team of people of an interdisciplinary academic background, long years of research experience and knowledge of specialist topics.


Dr. Heinz-Werner Rapp, Founder, Leader of the Steering Board
Katja Liese, Co-Founder, Member of the Steering Board
Dr. Torsten von Bartenwerffer, Member of the Steering Board
Julia Bahlmann, Founding Member, Project Manager

Research Associates:

Axel Angermann, Chief Economist of the FERI Group
Eduard Baitinger, Head of Asset Allocation, FERI
Gudrun Rehwald, Senior Economist Investment Research, FERI
Anastasia Topalova, Senior Analyst Asset Allocation, FERI


The FERI Cognitive Finance Institute pursues an interdisciplinary awareness. Therefore it maintains an active network of contacts with renowned universities, institutes and other research establishments. Prominent experts in the economy and economic practice belong to this network.

Intensive exchange and common projects within the network permit a high quality of research and results. Apart from an ongoing critical reflection of traditional points of view, the role of an actor and innovative instigator in a creative network is decisive for the FERI Cognitive Finance Institute.